PreK 4

Our PreK4 classroom consists of 22 students, one lead teacher, and two assistant teachers. The PreK4 classes continue to build upon the skills and aptitude for learning children developed in the previous classrooms, and prepare children effectively for Kindergarten and life-long learning and success.

The day in the PreK4 classroom is structured, and mirrors a kindergarten type of schedule more and more as the year progresses. Their day includes times for indoor and outdoor free choice, group meeting/”circle time,” center time, and small group times for more intensive time working on pre-reading/reading, writing, math, science and other projects. Pre-reading/reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art, music, and social & emotional skill building are all built into every study and center in the classroom as well. The PreK4 classes also join in afternoon “specials” such as Sign Language, Spanish, Music, Weekly Readers, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), sports opportunities, and Chapel.

Each spring, we have a graduation ceremony for the children who are moving on to kindergarten that summer/fall. It is a wonderful celebration of learning and of the students’ spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional growth and accomplishments!

The children in these classes are 3.5-4 years old, and/or are able to to meet certain goals to be and feel successful in the classroom. Some of the things we look for to determine if a child is ready for the PreK4 classroom is that he/she shows age-appropriate attentiveness and focus, effort and persistence, flexibility, and respect for themselves, peers, adults, and our classroom. These are also some of the foundation skills that we help the children to develop to a more advanced level to be prepared for kindergarten and for LIFE!