PreK 3

Our PreK3 classroom, known lovingly by the children and teachers as the “Green Lambs,” is a class for 18-20 three to four year old students. The ratio in this classroom is never higher than 1 teacher for every 10 students. 

The day in the PreK3 classroom is structured, and includes times for indoor and outdoor free choice, group meeting/”circle time,” center time, and small group learning activities for more intensive time working on pre-reading, writing, math, science and other projects. Pre-reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art, music, and social & emotional skill building are all built into every study and center in the classroom as well. The PreK3 class also joins in “specials” such as Sign Language, Spanish, music, STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math), Weekly Readers, sports opportunities, and chapel. Teachers use learning objectives which align with state and national standards to plan learning activities.

Requirements for this classroom are: the child must reach his/her 3rd birthday upon enrollment, and must be potty trained. (We are willing to work with a child on completely mastering potty skills, but the child must be able to wear underwear to school each day as we do not have diaper changing facilities in this classroom.)