About Us

We know that your child is your most precious gift. We would consider it an honor to have the opportunity to nurture your child here, at Precious Lambs Early Learning Center, where you will find a close-knit community for children to learn and grow in so many ways.

Our Programs

We have three, nurturing communities for learning. The child to teacher ratio in each of these classes is small, allowing the children to become a team-oriented group of learners and the teacher to provide individualized help and care.

Our Staff

Pastor Kiecker and our director, Julianna Kiecker, lead a talented, loving group of teachers.


We would love to have your child join us! Please see the Enroll page for more information.

Mother of 3, I have had a child at PLELC since 2001 and the center has been an incredible gift. I can’t think of a better home away from home or a better family away from family for my 3 boys than PLELC.

Our son has grown immensely and has emerged as a well-rounded and extremely, comical child. We know he learned a great deal about empathy from Precious Lambs.